Mountain Brook Anxiety Counseling

If you’re having a hard time managing your anxiety symptoms, it’s likely that you can benefit from Mountain Brook anxiety counseling. This one-on-one time with a licensed counselor gives you the opportunity to explore your feelings and uncover the root cause of your anxiety. Your counselor will also teach you effective ways to manage your symptoms.


Sharp Wellness focuses on the whole self - mind, body and spirit. When one of these components is out of whack, it causes the whole system to feel this way. By attending regular sessions of anxiety counseling in Mountain Brook AL, you can reach full healing. 


To schedule an appointment online or in person, contact Sharp Wellness today. Better health is within reach! 


Is Mountain Brook Anxiety Counseling Good for Stress? 


If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, talking with a counselor can be very helpful. You can explore the causes of your feelings and understand why they are affecting you in this way. Your counselor can also suggest new ways of coping with stressful situations. 


Sharp Wellness uses evidence-based strategies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat anxiety. Your treatment plan will be personalized to your needs and the types of situations that are causing you stress. In some cases, genetics are the reason behind the anxiety, while other times it has to do with one’s environment. 


Some of the most common anxiety disorders we treat during anxiety counseling in Mountain Brook AL are: 


  • Generalized anxiety disorder 

  • Panic disorder 

  • Phobias 

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder


Benefits of Choosing Sharp Wellness for Anxiety Counseling in Mountain Brook AL  


Sharp Wellness allows you to get started with therapy right away. We have convenient appointments online and in person so you can choose the format that works best for you. We also accept private pay, making our services flexible. You choose the therapist you want and the frequency of Mountain Brook anxiety counseling - NOT your insurance company. However, we are happy to print you off a detailed bill that you can submit to insurance for reimbursement. 


We also take great pride in our holistic approach that focuses on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. We want our clients to have a balanced life where they feel complete. To schedule an appointment for Mountain Brook anxiety counseling, or to learn more about our approach to treating anxiety, contact Sharp Wellness today.