McKinney Couples Counseling

To gain insight on the complexities of a romantic partnership, consider McKinney couples counseling at Sharp Wellness. Couples counseling in McKinney TX addresses the many of the common concerns that often arise in relationships, such as jealousy, infidelity, and overall satisfaction with the relationship. 


McKinney couples counseling is suitable for all stages of a romantic relationship. While many partners seek couples counseling in McKinney TX when issues have been underway for quite some time, couples therapy is also an appropriate choice for those looking to improve communication and navigate conflict in positive ways. 



The Benefits of Couples Counseling in McKinney TX


McKinney couples counseling offers several advantages for couples. By partnering with a licensed therapist specialized in Couples and Family Therapy, you are able to become better equipped in dealing with challenges couples face. A couple’s counselor is able to work with you to help you reconnect and rekindle the relationship with your partner. By analyzing areas of tension in the relationship, you can develop an individualized plan towards success. 


McKinney couples counseling utilizes the scientific method developed by John Gottman. His work offers a research-based approach to relationships. Through learning you and your partner’s triggers, you are better equipped to stop conflicts before they get out of hand. The method is decades old and a highly effective tool to complement couples counseling in McKinney TX. 


While it may feel strange in the beginning to speak with a therapist about your personal thoughts and issues, many couples (and individuals) overcome this feeling quickly and are happy with the life changing results. 



Contact Sharp Wellness Holistic Counseling and Coaching


If you have been thinking about McKinney couples counseling, reach out to our team at Sharp Wellness. Our licensed counselor, Rachel Innerarity, specializes in Couples and Family Therapy and has undergone training with the Gottman Institute to help empower couples and connect on a deeper, more intimate level. 


To schedule a session with Rachel or one of our other licensed counselors, please fill out the convenient contact form on our site or reach us by telephone at 469-389-1105.