Prosper Relationship Counseling

Don’t just Exist. Live. 


Sharp Wellness offers individual and Prosper relationship counseling for those looking to improve their life. By removing barriers that prevent people from reaching their full potential, individuals and couples are able to regain control of their lives. 


Relationship counseling in Prosper TX provides a safe space for couples to explore their relationship. Whether you are looking to enhance communication or find solutions for specific issues, Prosper relationship counseling can help you get where you want to be. 


Many couples turn to relationship counseling in Prosper TX for help to improve their personal relationships. Some common issues to explore include:


  • Physical or emotional intimacy

  • Frequent arguments

  • Poor Communication

  • Dysfunctional conflict

  • Broken trust


Each of these areas impact a relationship. Learning how to get through these can feel overwhelming. Working with a therapist can help guide you through difficult times and offer solutions to strengthen the relationship. 



Gottman Intervention Methods


Research has shown that how a couple handles conflict is a good indicator of whether or not the relationship will succeed or fail. Each person has their own way of handling conflict – shut down, yell, or passive-aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, these methods rarely work for couples. Prosper relationship counseling offers healthy, respectful solutions for handling conflict. 


Couples in relationship counseling in Prosper TX will discover new ways of being with one another. By integrating Gottman Intervention Methods into day-to-day life, many couples experience enhanced connection and understanding of their partner. These tools are designed so couples can feel heard and understood. Some of the techniques learned during Prosper relationship counseling include:


  • Build love maps

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Avoid harsh communication

  • Express opinions without judgement

  • Use “I” statements


Relationship counseling in Prosper TX is appropriate for any couple looking to improve their relationship. The couples therapist at Sharp Wellness can help you and your partner pinpoint areas that need attention and develop a plan to lead you and your partner towards success. 


If you have been considering, Prosper relationship counseling and unsure where to begin give us call at 469-389-1105. We specialize in helping individuals and couples to not just survive – but thrive.