Prosper Couples Counseling

If you have been considering Prosper couples counseling to improve your relationship, visit Sharp Wellness Holistic Counseling and Coaching. We meet individuals and couples where they’re at and provide a safe, supportive environment to share and overcome barriers that interfere with living their best life. Our focus is a holistic approach – taking body, mind, and spirit into consideration to help individuals achieve more satisfaction in their relationships and life. 


Whether in a happy or troubled relationship, couples counseling in Prosper TX offers benefits to help improve communication, intimacy, and connection. Prosper couples counseling is best for motivated partners who want to create increased understanding of one another. This not only improves communication but offers guidance on how to handle tough issues that arise and ways to manage conflict.  


Prosper couples counseling at Sharp applies the Gottman Intervention Methods developed by John Gottman over forty years ago. The method is backed by years of research and involves an in-depth assessment followed by research-based interventions geared towards areas of weakness in the relationship. During couples counseling in Prosper TX, partners will receive an individualized plan designed to strengthen and enhance key areas that are critical to every relationship. Dr. Gottman has identified nine areas that healthy relationships share:


  • The Building of Love Maps (Which you will learn during couples counseling in Prosper TX)

  • Shared fondness and admiration

  • Responsive to each other’s need for connection

  • Maintaining a positive perspective 

  • Managing conflict

  • Create an encouraging environment to speak freely and honestly

  • Create shared meaning

  • Trust

  • Commitment to cherish the qualities in your partner



Who Can Benefit from Prosper Couples Counseling?


Couples counseling in Prosper TX is a wonderful choice for anyone wanting to nurture their relationship. Even couples who feel they are already in a healthy relationship can experience the benefits of Prosper couples counseling. More often, partners who seek counseling are experiencing a range of relationship issues. These include poor communication, lack of affection, loss of intimacy, parenting issues, infidelity, and frequent arguments. And while these issues cause hurt, there is help. 


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