McKinney Marriage Counseling

Couples consider McKinney marriage counseling for a variety of personal reasons. Whether too many unresolved arguments, hurt feelings, infidelity, or believing marriage counseling in McKinney TX is the last hope, Sharp Wellness and Counseling is here to help. 



Marriage Counseling in McKinney TX


You and your partner deserve to be happy. When feeling disconnect in your relationship, McKinney marriage counseling can help to rekindle the connection in your marriage. The American Psychological Association reports approximately 75% of couples who choose counseling say it has helped improve their marriage. 


Some partners feel uneasy about marriage counseling in McKinney TX. They worry about finger pointing and he-said she-said banter. But that is not what McKinney marriage counseling is all about. Through an in-depth analysis of the relationship, a counselor is able to identify areas of weakness – as well as strengths – to develop an individualized plan of action designed to help improve your relationship. McKinney marriage counseling at Sharp Wellness will help to improve communication and navigate conflict with greater ease while deepening connection with one another. 



Gottman Intervention Methods


Developed by John Gottman, Gottman Intervention Methods are studied, reliable strategies developed to help improve relationships and make marriage work. Based on 7 principles of every healthy marriage, the Gottman Method is an effective tool for marriage counseling in McKinney TX.



About Sharp Wellness 


Sharp Wellness provides a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive space for individuals and couples who are ready to thrive. By taking a holistic approach, our therapists help clients overcome obstacles that prevent them from living the best life possible. Our specialties include: 


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress management

  • Grief and loss

  • Trauma

  • Women’s issues

  • Men’s issues

  • Parenting

  • Life transitions


  • Couples counseling


Our team is dedicated to helping others find their purpose, fulfillment, and peace. Through authentically meeting clients where they are, we work together to help you lead your best life.



To learn more about McKinney marriage counseling or our other specialties feel free to telephone us at 469-389-1105 or simply fill out the online form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.