Frisco Marriage Counseling

Frisco Marriage Counseling at Sharp Wellness


Welcome to Sharp Wellness Counseling and Coaching. We specialize in helping individuals and couples live their best life. Through in-person and virtual counseling sessions we help people who ready to not just survive – but thrive.  


Marriage counseling in Frisco TX offers a safe, supportive space for couples looking to improve their relationship. It is completely normal and expected for up’s and down’s in relationships. At times, relationships may feel stuck in ‘down’s’. Frisco marriage counseling can help. 



Benefits of Marriage Counseling in Frisco TX


Frisco marriage counseling offers several advantages for couples. Not only are couples able to deepen their understanding of one another but they open doors to better communication and the ability to express fully. By doing some, feelings of attachment improve. 


During marriage counseling in Frisco TX, couples can expect to participate in in-depth discussions about the relationship – personal perceptions, feelings, and experiences. This assessment enables the therapist to develop a plan tailored to suit the specific needs of your relationship. By understanding the areas of weakness, targeted intervention methods may be applied. 



Couples Therapist at Sharp Wellness


Our marital therapist has received Level 2 Training in the Gottman Method. This approach is based on empirical research and has been used for over four decades. The Gottman Intervention Methods have been found to be highly effective for couples in Frisco marriage counseling. By learning the areas of friction within the relationship, you are better able to develop and apply skills that will lead you and your partner on a path to a successful relationship. 


If you or your partner have been considering marriage counseling in Frisco TX, schedule an appointment to meet with our couples therapist. She will work with you to help rebuild connection and understand each other with respect, empathy, and on a deeper intimate level. 


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