Frisco Couples Counseling

At Sharp Wellness, we provide individual, family, and Frisco couples counseling. Our counseling and coaching practice is dedicated to providing a non-judgmental, supportive space where people can work to overcome barriers that prevent them from living their best life. 



Couples Counseling in Frisco TX


There are many different reasons why partners may choose to attend Frisco couples counseling. Many times, certain issues have become too much to bear any longer. Problems with communication, managing conflict, and infidelity are a few of the issues that make couples consider counseling. 


And while many couples who are having issues decide to go to couples counseling in Frisco TX, there are a good deal of couples who are happy and content in their relationship who decide to go to counseling. These couples still receive the benefits Frisco couples counseling has to offer. With the tools they need to succeed, they are better able to handle issues that may arise later. 



Sharp Wellness Counseling and Coaching – Couples Counseling in Frisco TX


At Sharp wellness, Frisco couples counseling utilizes the Gottman Intervention Methods. Researched by John Gottman, the Gottman Method has been used for over four decades by couples around the world who are looking to improve their relationship. Gottman Method Couples Therapy is backed by empirical scientific research studies and has helped countless couples strengthen their bond and relationship. Through an in-depth assessment and analysis, your therapist is able to identify areas of friction in the relationship and help you develop skills to connect with one another on a deeper, more intimate level. 



Rachel Innerarity, MA LPC – Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Pre-Marital Therapy


Rachel Innerarity is licensed counselor and specializes in family and couples counseling in Frisco TX. She has been practicing for seven years and has received Level 3 Training from the Gottman Institute. When working with Rachel, she will design an individualized plan for you and your partner that will lead both of you on a path to success. 



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