Allen Marriage Counseling

Allen marriage counseling is ideal for any couple looking to improve communication and attachment in their romantic relationship. It is not uncommon for hiccups to occur during marriage. Addressing issues early on can help to ease the strain but even couples who have been experienced problems long-term, marriage counseling in Allen TX offers benefits. 


Unlike portrayed in movies and television, Allen marriage counseling is much more than telling a third party everything you dislike in your marriage. Marriage counseling in Allen TX seeks to find harmony within relationships. By discussing bothersome issues with a trained therapist, you are able to develop a plan of action as it relates to your relationship and the issues you and your partner are experiencing. 



What to Expect During Marriage Counseling in Allen TX


When meeting with your therapist the first time, you will have an in-depth discussion about the strengths and areas of weakness within your relationship. This isn’t to make one partner look bad or at fault. The conversation is designed in such a way so that the therapist can make an accurate assessment of areas to work on. Through guided sessions using Gottman Intervention Methods, you will learn the steps to help develop the skills to successfully navigate conflict, express feelings, and improve connection. 


Gottman Intervention Methods have been in practice for over four decades and used in many Allen marriage counseling sessions to help couples overcome barriers in their relationship. Rachel Innerarity, our couples therapist, has received Level 2 Training in the Gottman Method and helps couples reconnect and rekindle their relationship. Her specialties include family therapy, pre-marital therapy, and marriage counseling in Allen TX. 


If you and your partner have been considering Allen marriage counseling, visit Rachel at Sharp Wellness Holistic Counseling and Coaching. At Sharp Wellness, we are dedicated to helping individuals and couples not just survive but thrive. Taking a holistic approach, we consider the mind, body, and soul to help people live their best life. 


Whether you are looking for individual or Allen marriage counseling, we invite you to experience Sharp Wellness. Give us a call at 469-389-1105.